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Ronnie Wilson:

What lead you into healthcare – and then, specifically within the arena of healthcare, what drove you down the path of Pediatrics?

Dr. Luke Bonnett:

Sure, so I went to college to study Horticultural Landscaping and was still playing club soccer … and had an injury and, through that, got exposed to healthcare. And [I] was intrigued by physical therapy and changed my major towards a degree that would allow me to pursue that. Then [in] my senior year, I felt moved to pursue a career in medicine. During my college time [I] was volunteering in a children’s home, had exposure to children – and so I knew, even along the way when I was pursuing Physical Therapy, that I wanted to work with children. In that capacity, it would have been rehabbing children who would have been injured or whatever capacity I can serve them in physical therapy. So even in the foundational years of pursuing a career in healthcare, I knew I wanted to work with children and God has blessed me with a passion there to want to serve families, to want to offer pediatric care. And then like I said, right before my senior year, through lots of exposure, through lots of encouragement, I decided to pursue Pediatrics.

Ronnie Wilson:


Ronnie Wilson, founder of People I Love, penned the following:

I’ve conducted a number of interviews with Luke Bonnett – and he truly is an amazing person and soul! His level of professionalism and care stands as uber-elite in every way.

We discussed, in this segment, the motivations and course in life that propelled him into medicine and pediatric care.

Another worthy interview I’ve posted – an interview that offers a finger on the pulse of his practice and heartbeat – can be viewed here:

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