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Ronnie Wilson:

You mentioned something in our last conversation and that is you referenced vaccines. That’s obviously a very challenged topic. Can you offer what your perspective is on vaccines and why?

Dr. Luke Bonnett:

The common landscape regarding vaccines is varied, much controversy regarding vaccines. Our stance here in this practice is that vaccines are safe and we want children vaccinated. One of the most profound things we do as pediatricians regarding public health is the vaccination of children. So much so that our practice has a policy that we only accept children, families who intend to follow routine vaccination guidelines. We do not accept alternate vaccine schedules or parents opinion of that because it is not evidence based. We are a practice that practices evidence based medicine. So I see compromising regarding vaccines as a significant compromise of the child’s health, so much so that I try to educate parents along those lines and say “If I’m willing to hedge there, then what else would I be willing to hedge on?” and so we have a very strong stance on vaccines and want to see children vaccinated according to routine guidelines.

Ronnie Wilson, founder of People I Love, penned the following:

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