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Ronnie Wilson:

So let’s talk about two girls. Let’s say that these two girls are twenty-one now; and they have just finished college – and you’re sitting there looking at them. You’ve got the effect of a twenty-one year legacy in their lives at that point. What do you want to see and think about them as you now think of turning the baton of their care over to that next person in their care journey? What do you want to think about and see has happened for those two girls … or for your six kids or any child who walks into these doors?

Dr. Luke Bonnett:

Practicing pediatrics, seeing a child from birth to college, seeing a child born and then grow into adulthood: what would I want for that child? I would want to see them having had adopted a healthy lifestyle, healthy choices regarding taking care of their physical well being – that they understand proper nutrition, that they understand the need for exercise, that they understand the need to stay away from particular substances. Or, if they choose to do that, they understand the health risk involved with such. I like to see them have an emotional well being, that they take care of themselves emotionally – that they have recognized, through proper choices, an emotional well being and then spiritually … they’re spiritually sound too.

We have the opportunity here in the office to encourage families along those lines and some more than others. Some are more receptive than others but we endeavor to promote all those aspects of healthy living. But as a child does grow into maturity, does become an adult, we hope to see them healthy, to see them happy, to see them thriving, to see them having an understanding of what their choices bring for them … that they understand consequences, that they understand good choices can bring good consequences and that bad choices can bring bad consequences.

But often times, we have the opportunity even when there are setbacks as a child is growing up – some poor choices can be made – to offer them counsel to see them understand, learn from that, move on … just as they’ll need to have that understanding as an adult that all things don’t always go well; but that’s okay. Just forget what lies behind and press on.

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