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Ronnie Wilson:

What are some of the severest things that you have seen, some of the most severe things that you have discovered either through routine exams or that was screamingly evident when a mom or dad walked in with a child? What are some of the things that made you say, “Wow, glad you were here or glad we came to you” because you uncovered X, Y, or Z. What are some of those things?

Dr. Luke Bonnett:

So in our day to day lives as pediatricians we handle many common diagnosis but every now and then something does come in that tightens you up a little bit. I can recall several different experiences, one that stands out is years ago a mother brought her child in barely breathing, was turning blue and of course our staff acted accordingly, we jumped on things, provided care, got the child stabilized, and we transported [the child] to the hospital. But it was a child who was less than two months old who ended up having whooping cough and that is something that is very common unfortunately. We do have vaccines to prevent that but often times in those early ages the child hasn’t been old enough yet to get a vaccine which is why we encourage mothers now to get a vaccination for that even while pregnant or even while in the hospital delivering the baby.

Other case that we thought was a routine heart murmur ended up being a significant heart problem for which the child had open heart surgery within a couple of days after discovery of that heart murmur. We had a recent situation where a child came in, again thinking it was a routine heart murmur and was seen by cardiology upon referral and within a few days as well had to have open heart surgery. These are things that concern us. We hear the stories of the adolescent teenager who falls out on the ball field and dies and this was one of those situations that it had not been discovered could have lead to something serious like that. The other issues where a parent can bring a child in who thinks they just have a simple stomach virus and the child comes in dehydrated and the parent wants to know why they’re so sleepy and it’s because they’re dehydrated and they need to get them into the hospital for some IV fluids.

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