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Ronnie Wilson:
What are the things about the practice, as a whole, that draw families, that draw moms and dads to say, “That’s where I’m want take my son or daughter?”

Jay Johnson:
You know, I think obviously there are multiple reasons why I really like what is going on here; but I think some of it goes down to that same kind of character of realness. We don’t claim to be something we’re not. We’re here to take care of kids and to take care of them in the sense of not just saying, “Oh you’re okay, here’s your medicine, go about your life” — but taking care of families and raising them. That’s was the one thing I knew I always wanted to be in pediatrics in my life. But I didn’t want to just take care of kids in a setting where you just say, “Here’s your medicine; go on about your business.” I want to watch kids grow up. I wanna see my child start from when they are a baby and see what they turn out to be at eighteen years old.

That’s what the draw is, I think, to this practice. We try to give that family aspect that these kids are our kids. I have my own kids but Luke and I try to take care of these kids like they’re our kids. We would do nothing different for our children than we would for the kids in this practice. That is a very respectable thing because you don’t you don’t see that perspective much in life, much less medicine. A lot of people get their “positives” from being really connected and stuff like that; but we’re going to take care of the entire family. Trying to respect that means that if we’re not the right practice for you, we’re not the right practice for you and that’s okay. If it doesn’t work out, the relationship, the personalities aren’t meshing and stuff like that, we don’t take offense at that. We just say, “It didn’t work and that’s okay if it doesn’t work. It just means we we’re trying to be real and this is who we are. So I would hope that you would understand that we were trying to be real and want to take care of you the best and if we can’t take care of you the best then obviously you would be better off in another practice.”

I think the realness of it and then, equally, I think our employees really love being here. They love taking care of the kids. That’s not always been the case at some of the practices I’ve been in; it’s not always been the case. So our kids are truly taken care of. All our staff love taking care of the kids and, you know, everybody has their bad days; but we typically love coming to work and love taking care of the kids. They put smiles on our face. I think this community is a very up-and-coming community. It’s a very prosperous, meaning that a lot of people are coming in and a lot of things are moving here, it’s growing. Not everybody likes growth, but it’s good growth, it’s steady growth, and it’s one of those things where we’re having a lot of people coming in here. By caring for these kids, these people like this, we hope the reputation sticks and people start talking about us … not because we just want numbers, because it’s not about that. It’s about taking care of people. But it’s really what we enjoy to do and I think that’s the realness of that sort of thing.

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