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Ronnie Wilson:

Let’s say that I’m a dad or mom – and I’m looking out there on the landscape of pediatricians, what about you and what about this practice would motivate me to say, “Hey, that’s where I want to be for the care of my child or my children“?

Dr. Luke Bonnett:

What sets us apart as a practice is we strive to offer exceptional pediatric care, guided by the Christian principles of compassion, integrity, and service. One of the hallmarks of this practice, parents will find, [is] that we truly do treat our patients as our own children. We seek to nurture them, to – of course – provide excellent pediatric care; but our desire is to see healthy children: to see them healthy physically, to see them healthy from an emotional standpoint and also from a spiritual standpoint. And so I can’t think of anything that would express that more than to say we offer care for our patients like we want for our own children.

Ronnie Wilson:

What are the major – if we want to call it – what are the major areas of care or what are the major things that you guys provide here for parents? What would those – if you had to bullet point those – what would they be and give us a little articulation of each.

Dr. Luke Bonnett:

So, as a pediatric practice. one of the hallmarks of care is primary care prevention. It is educating families regarding good health principles. It is seeing that children are developing appropriately across all those milestones. We look to see that they are coming in for appointments.

In offering preventative care, we are making sure the child is staying on track regarding their development, that we are making sure they’re growing appropriately – and the other aspect of what we do is, when children are sick, we offer the same day sick appointments to care for those acute care needs. And those range from simple things to us like ear infections or it could be the beginning of a very complex problem that we want to be on top of. So we’re always encouraging parents to call if they have any concerns, and a lot of those concerns can be handled over the phone, through triage; but when there is a need for a child to be seen, we’re always thinking what the differential diagnosis could include and hoping that it is something that is simple. And, then again, something that is simple to us might not be so simple to a parent that hasn’t been there before. And so we are very sympathetic to that too: to explain to a parent the acute need that has arisen and a solution for care. And if it is something that is not so simple, then unfolding that plan for getting an answer for the parent and holding their hand through that process.

Ronnie Wilson, founder of People I Love, penned the following:

Our work across both North America and the world is typically pure joy. Luke Bonnett is precisely the type of doctor – and person – who pours worlds of joy into our work.

If he were merely a great and gifted pediatrician, that might be enough for most parents; but Luke isn’t merely a great and gifted pediatrician … he’s a gentleman, he cares deeply and richly for children and parents alike, and he treats his patients in the exact same way he would treat his own children.

The reasons Luke’s staff loves working with him is because he does everything the right way and treats everyone with kindness and respect. He recruits staff who reflect his core values. Therefore, people want to deal with Luke, with Jerri Lynn, with Jay, with Lauren, and with their entire staff!

Anyone with children who live within a rock’s throw – or a cuzillion rock’s throws – from the front door of Chapin Pediatrics would do well to give them a try.

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