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Ronnie Wilson:

I think one of the dominant things you do, which is so critical as we know, is a lot of well care visits, right? Why are you so invested in that?  Why is that such critical mass for the child’s growth and development?

Dr. Jerri Lynn Shealy:

In pediatrics it’s probably the number one thing that we do! We follow wellness, we follow growth, make sure that’s normal. We also follow development, which we see tons of problems with that as kids grow older. But we also pick up on things that we normally wouldn’t pick up on with just talking with the child. We unfold a lot of things like depression, anxiety in our teenagers. We talk about families and how the household gets along – household stresses and life stresses. And so we help kids out with all those types of things.

Ronnie Wilson:

Ok and as you say that some of these things become triggers for you referring some of your patients out, let’s say to specialists, and also some people who will refer their patients to you for the effect of primary care. What are some of the areas of medicine that you guys wind up referring people out and also people who refer their patients to you?

Dr. Jerri Lynn Shealy:

We refer a lot of patients to pediatric pulmonology for cases of asthma that maybe we can’t control. We also refer to pediatric gastroenterology for those complicated stomach issues and digestive issues, just to get a specialist opinion on things, to make sure we’re not missing anything. We also have patients with seizures that see a neurologist to help manage those. A lot of allergy referrals for severe allergies, those patients go to allergists to get allergy shots, that type of thing.

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