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Ronnie Wilson:

How long do you see yourself doing pediatric care, providing pediatric care for children and obviously the parents who bring the children here?

Dr. Jerri Lynn Shealy:

Well I LOVE my job and I also have three children to send through college, so I’ll be working for quite some time … until I get my kids through college and get time to retire. But I love being here everyday

Ronnie Wilson:

And if you were to offer – I’m just going to say – three to five bullet points of advisement/consideration to parents as they watch their own children grow and develop in all ways (emotionally, spiritually,  and physically) with the wisdom that you’ve accrued across more than a decade, what are some thoughts/consideration/advisement you would offer to parents?

Dr. Jerri Lynn Shealy:

To enjoy every day! Their children will grow up really fast and so enjoy those fun times. Also to just be in tune with their child mentally and emotionally because things sometimes happen and parents have no idea that kids are struggling. So just watch for those things. Just to enjoy every day and to pass on what they learned to their kids. What they learned through their own lives, their lessons. Sometimes we get so busy we don’t really talk to our kids … but to just spend time talking with them.

Ronnie Wilson:

What do you think sets Chapin Pediatrics apart? Why do people view it as a place of such excellence in so many ways? What are the little earmarks about the distinctives that really bracket it aside from most?

Dr. Jerri Lynn Shealy:

Well I think we do a really excellent job of taking care of our patients for one. I think we have experience and pass that on with our advice for our patients. Also, our employees are like a family and so we welcome our patients into our family. We love all our patients, we love all our families, our parents – and so I think that makes people feel welcome. We listen. We spend a lot of time listening to our parents and their concerns and our patients. I think that makes them feel very comfortable. We give them the love of Christ. We try to spread that to our patients too.

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