Andrew: My job duties here at Chapin Pediatrics my main duty are these stickers right here. Lets get right to the point. This is what all the kids want when they leave. This is what makes the day. After four shots or so this is what really makes the visit worth while. Some of my job duties are scheduling, booking appointments, doing shot records, faxing incoming/outgoing paperwork, making sure everybody’s appointment is correct and that they are here for the right things. Especially well visits and such , we want to make sure your child is the right age for vaccine purposes and stuff. Also you know try to make the kids day a little bit better, sometimes it’s not always the best day coming to the doctors office with shots and stuff. I feel for them, being Type 1 diabetic myself, I understand shots and everything like that. Just trying to make the kids day a little better. At the end of the day, I am a big kid myself.  Something I get joy out of and seeing these happy babies and stuff like that.
Ronnie: Pervasively across staff, parents and kids everybody says you make them laugh and cheer their days and cheer their spirits. So that is pretty impressive that you do that on such a consistent basis and everybody knows you and knows your name. What is it about you, why is it that you are so motivated to boost peoples spirits?
Andrew: Just with all the negativity in the world, the news and stuff, being positive and spreading positivity, especially with kids. It makes a difference, if you positively influence their life, they are going to make better decisions. Just life experiences for myself, I have made good choices and I have made bad choices, but I know I have learned from those choices. Making these kids happy it makes my day better and it makes me more full and happy and knowing I get a smile out of these kids or making a parent laugh, just little things, especially some of the older kids, especially the guys, I’m like you want a princess sticker or something like that? Every time they will laugh, just bringing joy to somebody’s day if I can, make sure they leave here, gosh that guy is funny or something like that, it gives a positive feedback for my job where I work because at the end of the day, I am one of the faces of this company, you are going to see me at least once if you come here so for me it’s just making sure that I represent this company as best as I can especially with Dr. Bonnett being so well known in the community with all of his volunteering so don’t want to put a bad image especially on the company.
Ronnie: Now for how long have you been working in the practice at this point?
Andrew: I have been at Chapin Pediatrics a year and a half almost or so so definitely enjoying it coming from a retail job and stuff it gives me free times on the weekend. Working with the people here and the environment it is such a positive experience so when I get up to go to work its something I want to do it’s not something I have to do. That makes a difference as well.
Ronnie: And at what age were you diagnosed with Type 1 diabetic?
Andrew: I was 12 years old. I remember I was 12 years old, it was a misdiagnosis from a sports physical I had. It’s just one of those things, it only makes you stronger. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger so don’t really dwell on it I just do what I gotta do to keep on keeping on.
Ronnie: But as a result you have obviously seen the inside of a lot of medical practices growing up ?
Andrew: Oh yes most definitely. Every three months I see an endocrinologist and stuff like that just to manage and maintain diabetes because definitely don’t want to lose a leg, or an arm, or my eyesight especially so trying to my best to take care of myself.
Ronnie: May I hold the stickers? I am going to pass you a random one and you can tell us about the sticker, right? Lets see you brought about half a dozen in. You can give us your thoughts on this sticker here, ready?
Andrew: Lets see what we got.
Ronnie: You can face it to the camera.
Andrew: This right here is one of the main princesses right here, this is Belle. Beauty and the Beast, beautiful young lady. I always compare myself when I go out on a date or something, she can be the Belle, I’ll be the Beast and we will have our own little Disney movie. Princesses are very popular among the young ladies, we got Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Ariel…I know a couple of things about some Disney stuff so I try to work it a little bit.
Ronnie: Alright lets go to the next one, ready?
Andrew: Challenging the King today. PJ Mask, another favorite amongst the young ones. We got Gekko, Cat Boy in blue, Owlette is in the red, got a little trio. Never seen an episode, highly popular though, wish I would have been the one who invented it.
Ronnie: Alright, we will go one more. Ready?
Andrew: Alright, hit me two sided. Spiderman. Everybody knows ole Spidey. Spiderman does what a Spiderman does. Swinging around shooting that web all over the place. But I would be mad if he is spraying all over my house, cleaning those spider webs out, could be kind of a sticky situation. Popular among the young men, some young ladies, but definitely a favorite.
Ronnie: Are there any that stand out as like if you had to say these are the most common three of four selected, any stand out above the average?
Andrew: You got your Paw Patrol, your princesses, Moana, Frozen, Peppa Pig is another one, Mickey Mouse, Minions, they are all kind of popular. I just like to rotate, keep a fresh selection when they’ve been in and they are like you got new stickers, I’m like yeah. Sometimes I will give them more than one just because they are stickers. If this is what makes a kid happy I will give you the whole box if it makes the kid happy. I can’t say that sometimes, especially some of these little girls that come in here, it’s just like here just take all of them.
Ronnie: Well everybody loves and appreciates you as a person and everybody loves and appreciates all that you add to the practice. You do a sensational job.
Andrew: I do appreciate that. I definitely try to so.
Ronnie: Well you do more than try, you have succeeded at a high level.
Andrew: That is my goal, I want to be the best. Sometimes I’m not but that happens.