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Ronnie Wilson:

From the overlap that you have had with different staff members – not just the parents and patients but staff members as well – describe the kinds of relationships that you see existing among the staff.

Erin Kelly:

Especially among our clinical staff, we are very tight knit. We’re obviously a small practice so there’s, I think, eight of us total – and so we’re very close; we help each other out. Of course, we are separated by provider most of the time; but we always make sure if this person needs help, ya know, we go down there to help them. That’s just kind of how we’re all wired. We’re just family; it’s like a family here. And it is the same as clerical as well – we mesh well with them as well … because we’re together all the time.

Ronnie Wilson:

And what do you perceive – if you had to ponder: you’re about to go four fold, basically, in your square footage – from 2,700 sq ft to 10,000. What kinds of things are you perceiving that that’s going to enable you to do or do better? What will it add to families in Chapin and beyond?

Erin Kelly:

I think, from a clinical perspective – like I just mentioned – we kind of all help each other and so there’s really no distinction of care teams. And I believe, with the new building, we will be setup in different pods for each provider – and the care teams will be more distinguished. And the families will grow to learn, “Okay this nurse is with him, this nurse is with her,” that kind of thing. And it’s more of a continuity thing – so they’re used to that person, they’re used to seeing that person. I feel like the more spread out we are and the more room that we have – it’s going to be easier on patient flow, really too, so I think that will be good.

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