Fever can be a normal function of your child’s body that can have beneficial effects in fighting infection. Though any temperature greater than our normal body temperature of 98.6°F  can be considered a fever,  clinically a fever is defined as a core body(rectal) temperature of  100.4° or higher. Many parents desire to treat their febrile child  to improve the child’s comfort. We are providing the following links to dosing charts for you so that if you choose to give your child the following products you are giving them the proper dose. Pay careful attention to the “Table Notes” found under the dosing charts.  Never use Ibuprofen under 6 months old.  Please seek medical care or advice if you are concerned about your child’s health. Call us immediately if your child  is younger than 3 months old (90 days) and has a rectal temperature of 100.4° or higher.

Tylenol – Dosing Chart

Motrin – Dosing Chart