Ronnie: OK, so what is your perception about what is about to happen?
Heather: A little scared. I don’t know what is going on.
Trudy: A little bit.
Heather: With you, there is no telling.
Ronnie: I am going to pose some questions to the two of you.
Trudy: Ok.
Ronnie: And I did this just a little bit ago with Erin and Lindsey. Only here is the way questions will work. I will ask you Trudy questions to answer about Heather and Heather I will ask you questions and answer about Trudy and we will alternate who goes first. Alright you think you’re ready.
Ronnie: Alright, who should start among the two of you.
Heather: I’ll go first, that’s fine.
Ronnie: Bold. Alright. OK, so Heather. Um, if you had to predict either a favorite or what would best fit her personality or life or anything about her what Elvis Presley song would you select? Or Michael Jackson song? You can use either one. Elvis or Michael.
Heather: Thriller. I don’t know. It’s the first thing that pops in my head.
Ronnie: And why does Trudy qualify as Thriller?
Heather: I don’t know, that was really the first thing that popped in my head. Yeah, that kind of shows you how good I am with my music.
Trudy: Yeah, I don’t know any of those songs.
Ronnie: Do you not have a song either Elvis or Michael Jackson to ascribe to Heather? Trudy you are kind of letting us down a little bit. I’m just kidding.
Ronnie: This is not looking good for you Trudy when we go to evaluating who wins this competition at the end. We are at one to zero right now.
Trudy: That’s fine. I’ll take it.
Ronnie: Alright, now it is your turn to go first. So, um if Heather were going to be close friends with some animated Disney character, who might that character be, among all of the Disney characters, all of the movies, who might she be prone to hang out with?
Trudy: Snow White.
Ronnie: Alright and why is that?
Trudy: Um, she is very gentle, loving, caring.
Ronnie: You know what? Lindsey said Snow White for Erin. Alright, what Disney character would Trudy be inclined or prone to hang out with?
Heather: I would say Snow White as well. Partially, I mean, we have alot of the same attributes I think when it comes to how we deal with patients, and patient care with that caring, sincere, but also Snow White is her daughters favorite Disney princess as well.
Ronnie: Ok, so I’m going to call plagiarism.
Heather: That’s fine.
Ronnie: It’s uh legitimate redundancy.
Heather: That’s right. There you go.
Ronnie: Alright you guys ready for a Disney bonus question?
Heather: Go for it.
Ronnie: Alright. Among all of the main Disney characters in animated films, which is the only central animated character who does not who is the only one who does not speak in the movie?
Trudy: Donald Duck.
Ronnie: Donald Duck and who is your guess?
Heather: No, I’m thinking it’s one of the dogs.
Ronnie: So a couple of quick things. I brought us in this room because the room gives you a hint.
Trudy: Dumbo.
Heather: Dumbo. There you go.
Ronnie: Yes. It is Dumbo. Alright so, alright it’s your turn Heather. If the two of you competed in a contest, the two of you. What kind of contest would you guys compete in that she would almost most certainly beat you at?
Heather: Oh a blood drawing contest.
Ronnie: A what?
Heather: Blood drawing. She is my go to person. Come check out this vein.
Ronnie: She is like your onsite phlebotomist?
Heather: Yes.
Ronnie: Are you the one that gets all of the hard sticks like if they have small veins?
Trudy: Yes.
Ronnie: Alright, so if you guys had a competition what would Heather beat you at? Any kind of competition in the whole world. Nothing? Anything? Can’t go down two points.
Trudy: I don’t know.
Ronnie: That’s alright. So a couple of questions ago, I asked you guys , what Disney character the first one, be inclined to hang out with. Why do you think you guys within your practice even when you have time off, you do so much social fabric together. Why do you think you guys like to hang out together so much? What about all of you?
Trudy: It brings us closer together away from the work just as a whole. It just brings us all together.
Heather: It takes time to get to know each other better on a personal basis than just that work atmosphere and we all have alot of kids close to the same age so it gives them a chance to play together and get to know each other and um but I think it builds us as a stronger work team to have that personal relationship and to know each other better too.
Ronnie: What kind of things have you guys most enjoy doing with some of the staff members, some of your coworkers?
Heather: I think a lot of it is just kind of setting up the dinners that Dr. Bonnett takes us out to.
Trudy: Bowling.
Heather: Bowling. We have done bowling a couple of times, just a lot of fun. Then once a year he does a trip to the beach for a long weekend. Um and so that’s a good kind of getting to know people as well. Just hanging out outside of this environment.
Ronnie: And what pods do you guys work in? Like who is your primary person, your primary care provider in your pod?
Trudy: Primarily I work with Dr. Shealy but I’m also on phones to do triage two days a week.
Heather: And I guess I’m the main triage nurse but we are kind of splitting duties now so I’m doing triage twice a week and on the floor with Dr. Shealy usually twice a week.  So we kind of split that up but I guess mainly Trudy is Dr. Shealy’s main nurse and I guess I’m mainly triage.
Ronnie: Um so most of the time one of you is handling triage and one of you is serving with Dr. Shealy?
Heather: Right.
Ronnie: That was my perception. What do you like and respect about her having worked with her as long as you have at this point?
Trudy: She is easy to go to, very easy to communicate with.
Heather: She is very caring and compassionate as well. My children, well my daughter was a patient of hers before I started working here so she has…I’ve seen her first in that aspect as the main provider for my child and then coming in working here, still seeing her take care of my daughter and my son now, and like I said. She is always just caring and compassionate and always asks how we are doing and wants to check on us too.
Ronnie: How many children do each of you have and what is their age ranges?
Heather: So I’ve got two. My daughter will be seven in a few days and then my son is four.
Trudy: And I have two girls, six and eleven.
Ronnie: Ok. And they are all four probably seen in the practice?
Heather: Yes.
Ronnie: What is their response when they come in like how comfortable, how at ease, have a nervous seed, when they come in, what is their experience that they convey to you or that you witness?
Trudy: My girls love it. They get kind of excited when I say we have to go to the doctor. They are like, who are we seeing today? They love it.
Heather: Oh yes. Mine have made up ear pain or something just to come in. You know. My ears hurt. No they don’t. Yes they do. Of course they were fine but you know, they’ve enjoyed coming here. Of course it’s the same too you know they are very apprehensive when they are getting shots or they are getting you know things like that it’s still the same we have to deal with it and you know treat them as all the other patients as well you know so they have those same feelings and concerns when it comes to that but otherwise they love it and they are excited and they want their stickers.
Ronnie: Alright, so um, of all of your staff members, not just within your pod in which you guys work, but the whole staff, who would be in you guys mind and it’s your turn to answer first Heather who would be the goofiest or the silliest among everybody on the whole staff?