Helpful Information Regarding Hepatitis A

Helpful information regarding Hepatitis A

A good summary regarding Hepatitis A can be found at:

What do I do if my child was exposed?

Persons aged ≥12 months who have been exposed to Hepatitis A within the past 14 days and have not previously completed the 2-dose Hepatitis A vaccine series should receive a single dose of Hepatitis A vaccine. For long-term immunity, the Hepatitis A vaccine series should be completed with a second dose at least 6 months after the first dose.

If your child is immunocompromised or has liver disease and was exposed to Hepatitis A you should contact DHEC because your child will also need immune globulin with the vaccine.

Chapin Pediatrics recommends all children 12 months or older complete their Hepatitis A vaccine series according to routine immunization recommendations. It is times like this that affirms why we are a vaccinating practice. We feel so strongly about vaccines that we only offer care to children who will adhere to routine vaccination standards. Please do what is right and vaccinate your children.