Ronnie Wilson:

Since you guys have arrived here in the new building – which is almost a year ago now – how has it been different for you and potentially better for you … and how do you perceive that the new environment has made it different and better for patients and parents?

Jay Johnson:

Well, I mean obviously for us, the space is much better just simply because we have room to spread out, to see more patients (because we were very limited in the practice to kind of follow everyone’s schedules) because we only had so much room to put people. And so for us — and then we’re learning what to do with the space as we feel it out and figure it out with more lab or whatever we want as a practice, to kind of start adding to the mix. We have the room now to do it and we can do that which has been great for us and provide better services, more care for the actual patients themselves.

From my perspective, probably the biggest improvement I’ve seen is just the patient experience. It’s so much better. I mean, obviously I’m not there with them; but just the feedback we get on a regular basis that, “I got a parking place … the waiting rooms are so much more comfortable … I was able to get back in a room and not be on top of people … I wasn’t listening to my neighbor and their problems,” you know, because the rooms are a little bit more better built – well built – and things like that so that’s what it’s been is just: I’ve just enjoyed it for the patient’s themselves because it’s just been a better experience. It’s a better place for them to see what we do right here … because for so long, I always thought the care was really great but our place didn’t match our care. And so now I think we’re finally — our place is matching our care!