Just take a peek at those two ladies below — and burn their picture into your memory for all time.

And here is the transcript:

Ronnie: So wait, you just talked to Jerri Lynn Shealy?
Erin: Uh huh
Ronnie: And what does she want you to do?
Erin: For me to tell her everything that you ask us so she can be prepared.
Ronnie: And the main reasons that you are not going to do that, that you’re going to refrain are…
Erin: Because you told me not to.
Lindsey: What she said.
Ronnie: Alright, you ready for for these very difficult sophisticated questions?
Erin: Oh my gosh, yes.
Ronnie: Okay, Lindsay, should we start with you?
Lindsey: No, we shouldn’t but go ahead.
Ronnie: Which one?  Would you want me to start with you or Erin?
Lindsey: Yeah sure, just go ahead.
Ronnie: Okay, ready? You have to answer these questions about Erin and Erin has to answer these questions about you.
Lindsey: Okay.
Ronnie: Alright, you ready?
Lindsey: Sure.
Ronnie: Alright, if you took either one of these to sum up Erin or if you predicted what her favorite would be; what Elvis song would sum up Erin or would be one of her favorite Elvis songs.
Lindsey: Oh my gosh, I don’t know what songs Elvis sings. Ummmm…
Ronnie: Okay, you are being pathetic right now.
Lindsey: Ummmmm…Jail House Rock!
Ronnie: Okay
Erin: Perfect, that is perfect.
Ronnie: And why does that describe Erin?
Lindsey: I have no idea!
Erin: First one that came to mind. That’s great.
Ronnie: Okay and what Elvis song are you going to contribute to the life and times of Lindsey Huffstetler?
Erin: Um, does he sing Pretty Woman?
Ronnie: No but we’ll pretend he did. That persons name is Roy Orbison.
Lindsey: But I’ll take it.
Erin: Okay, yeah, I’m gonna go with that one.
Ronnie: Okay well that’s not at all.
Erin: I heard that song and it reminded me of Lindsey.
Ronnie: Right, and if it were a Beyonce song or whatever it really doesn’t matter you are just going to call it Elvis and it gets tacked on.
Erin: That’s right.
Lindsey: Sounds great.
Ronnie: Okay, ready? Okay, lets go with this. If the two of you competed in some kind of a contest, what kind of contest do you think Erin would…we will start with Erin…if the two of you competed in a contest, what kind of contest would Lindsey definitely beat you at?
Erin: Oh my gosh…I don’t want to say that one.
Ronnie: It’s probably a good choice.
Lindsey: Yeah.
Erin: Yep, I want to try and keep it PG here. Lets see. (phone ringing) I would definitely say she would beat me at baking. She is a fantastic baker.
Ronnie: What is one of her best things that you have tasted?
Erin: According to my husband, it’s her honey bun cake but she does do a very good strawberry cake as well. So.
Ronnie: Alright. (phone ringing) What would Erin prevail over you in? Do you need to take that? (phone ringing)
Erin: Nope.
Lindsey: Dancing.
Erin: Oh.
Ronnie: Do we need a demo?
Lindsey: No.
Lindsey: We are not even going there with this one.
Erin: Oh Gosh!
Ronnie: Alright. So no demonstration of her dancing?
Erin/Lindsey: No.
Ronnie: So is it like Elaine from Seinfeld?
Lindsey: I have no idea.
Erin: It all depends on the day.
Lindsey: I don’t even watch Seinfeld.
Ronnie: Alright so now we are back to you Lindsey. So among all of the animated Disney characters, which one would you see as being potentially a close pal with Erin?
Lindsey: A close pal with Erin?
Ronnie: With whom would she be good friends?
Lindsey: Snow White.
Ronnie: Why?
Lindsey: Why? I knew you were gonna ask that.
Ronnie: You can’t just toss out answers with no rational
Lindsey: Lets throw out…Snow White. Just because Snow White is just always so sweet and calming when she talks especially to the little dwarfs. And Erin can be very sweet and nice when she talks to everyone.
Ronnie: And you guys have some dwarfs? Did I miss that part?
Lindsey: We can’t tell our secrets.
Ronnie: And who would her animated pal be from the world of Disney?
Erin: World of Disney?
Lindsey: That’s a lot of people to think about.
Erin: That is.
Ronnie: You can choose anyone. It doesn’t have to be best pal.
Erin: I would probably say, if I had to guess…Mary Poppins because Mary Poppins has everything under control most of the time. She knows how to handle stuff, gets stuff done, and that’s what Lindsey does.
Lindsey: That’s funny. When I was in high school, I sang in chorus and I had to do a solo as Mary Poppins.
Ronnie: Ready? 3-2-1
Lindsey: No thanks. I did. I sang “Just a Spoon Full of Sugar”.
Erin: There you go.
Ronnie: Lets hear it. Lets hear it.
Lindsey: No, we are not going to listen to me sing today.
Ronnie: We need our medicine to go down.
Lindsey: That’s right, you do. And so to do that, you would sing this song.
Ronnie: Alright, lets see. Let me ask you this. This is once again a question about the other person. Who answered that one first? Lindsey did. Okay, so what is something that you especially enjoy about working with Lindsey? Something about her.
Erin: Something about her?
Ronnie: Like the way she approaches things?
Erin: Basically, that I can always count on her to have my back. You know, It’s very easy working with her because of our relationship and I feel like she has got aspects of her personality that go well with mine that I lack and you know so we kind of compliment each other in that so it’s…I have no doubt in my mind that shes always going to have my back no matter what we come across or whatever. And so.
Ronnie: So the SHIVS that we talked about earlier; those would never be thrust into you?
Erin: I think she would protect me if you tried to ____
Lindsey: I would use this. (hand notion)
Ronnie: And what about working with Erin do you particularly enjoy?
Lindsey: Same thing. Like she is there for me whenever I need her. If I need a hug, she’s here. If I need to complain about something, she’s here. She is just…we are opposites, so we get along very well together.
Ronnie: You are opposites in what way? Like what are some of the facets about you that are wildly different?
Lindsey: Wildly different? Well…hmm.
Erin: Lindsey probably is like…well, I don’t know. I was about to say…she is more like, you know, she is going to get it done. I would probably like let it go for awhile until I get really angry and then get it done. I don’t know. It’s kind of a weird way to describe it but I don’t know.
[Long pause]
Lindsey: I don’t either.
Ronnie: Do you mean more briskly maybe? Is that part of what you are saying?
Erin: Briskly?
[Long pause]
Lindsey: No, I’m slow.
Ronnie: Alright. So I wanted to see how that played out.
Lindsey: I wouldn’t say that we are total opposite, like you know, we are here to talk to anybody that needs to talk to us about anything when things need to get done we both get things done. Um, I think people kind of find themselves more in a relationship with Erin  because she is very easy to talk to whereas I’m kind of like I’m listening to you but what do you need? Like just get straight to the point with me.
Erin: Yeah, there you go. That’s a good way to describe it.
Ronnie: It’s called brisk Lindsey.
Lindsey: I know. I’m just still slow.
Ronnie: No, I’m just messing with you. Hence the word brisk.
Lindsey: Brisk. Isn’t that a tea or something?
Ronnie: Alright, ready. So, this will be a question about anybody on staff. I think it’s your turn Lindsey.
Lindsey: Of course it is.
Ronnie: Among all of your staff members, who is like the goofiest person? Like the silliest goofiest personality out of everybody?