Ronnie: This will be a question about anybody on staff, alright. I think it’s your turn Lindsey.
Lindsey: Of course it is.
Ronnie: Among all of your staff members, who is like the goofiest, the silliest/goofiest personality of everybody?
Lindsey: I mean, that’s Andrew.
Erin: Hands down.
Ronnie: That’s your answer as well?
Erin: Yes.
Ronnie: What makes him so like goofy? All the kids love him right? They are like crazy about him when they sign out? What about him adds so much zest to the practice, do you think?
Lindsey: He is just a joker. Like he can joke about any situation. Anything that goes on. The kids love him of course because he is going to sit there and have a conversation with them. He has learned all of the stickers that we have, it doesn’t matter what TV show they are. He is like sat down and watched it and he can tell you about the characters and the legit. Yeah he is always good for a good joke.
Ronnie: So he is a virtual kid?
Erin/Lindsey: Yes.
Erin: That’s perfect. He is always very positive.
Ronnie: I agree. He is. He is really upbeat.
Erin: If he is not, he is completely withdrawn.
Ronnie: He is a good soul.
Erin: Uh huh.
Ronnie: Alright, ready so, lets go to, lets see. I think it is your turn Erin.
Erin: Ok.
Ronnie: Would Lindsey rather fall into a vat of snakes or a vat of rats or a vat of spiders?
Erin: Oh my gah. These are all horrible. I would probably say spiders, I think the rest are a little too…
Lindsey: I would die. I can kill the spiders.
Ronnie: Is that the answer for Erin as well?
Lindsey: I would say probably so. As a defense mechanism, you can kill spiders a lot faster than you can kill rats or snakes. You just start stomping everywhere. I don’t know.
Ronnie: What do you think is, it doesn’t have to be the favorite, but one of Erin’s favorite movies? Do you have any idea, do you know her well enough to have any sense of what you would perceive one of her favorite movies to be?
Lindsey: I have seen this somewhere and I can think of it in my head and I can’t think of the name.
Ronnie: Can you think of anyone who stars in it?
Lindsey: No.
Ronnie: Can you think of what language it was filmed in?
Lindsey: It’s in English. What is that movie? It’s like Neighbors or something like that. I don’t know who is in it but it’s really not.
Ronnie: One of the rules is you are not allowed to make up movies.
Lindsey: I’m not. It’s something about neighbors and I can’t remember who is in it. I think we have watched it together before.
Erin: I’m trying to think of it.
Lindsey: I can’t think of who is in it now. This new couple and they move in and all the neighbors are kind of odd. It’s kind of a risque movie. Its got some language in it, for sure it’s got some language in it.
Ronnie: Alright, what do you think one of Lindsey’s favorite movies would be? Any idea, do you know?
Erin: She likes old movies, I  feel like. But then again she likes Disney movies too.
Lindsey: True statement.
Erin: If I had to guess, oh man, I know there is a lot that she watches with her kiddos. I would have to go with a Disney for sure. I can’t think of which one it is.
Ronnie: Well you got the genre…
Erin: Lets see, I could say Brave, I could say, um. I mean, why can’t I think of this either, that’s all we watch at my house.
Ronnie: So for real, what is one of your favorite movies?
Lindsey: My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing. My favorite Disney movie is Snow White.
Ronnie: And what would be among your favorite movies?
Erin: I really like A Walk to Remember.
Lindsey: Yeah, that’s a good one. That is you, that is really you. Duh.
Ronnie: Why didn’t you think of that?
Lindsey: I know, I was thinking comedy. I was going for like comedy.
Ronnie: So now, lets say that Lindsey for one whole weekend could hang out with any Muppet of her choice, who would that Muppet be?
Erin: Oh, oh my gosh. I would say Miss Piggy but Piggy might annoy her. Probably the least annoying, um, I don’t want to say the Grouch.
Lindsey: We could get along great.
Erin: Possibly. The one that’s in the can.
Ronnie: That’s called Sesame Street.
Lindsey: It’s the puppet, Muppet, puppet.
Erin: Animal. Isn’t it animal?
Ronnie: I think that’s also Sesame Street .
Erin: No, he is on the new Muppet Babies show.
Ronnie: Oh is he?
Erin: Yeah. He is real dirty, not saying that Lindsey is dirty at all, but he is just kind of there.
Ronnie: We don’t have to say it overtly, I think we all know it.
Lindsey: Tell me how you really feel.
Ronnie: You know what, I bet you are right. They have probably done some merging with some of these characters.
Erin: There is a new one that my kids watch and yeah but Animal is the one that doesn’t talk as much. He is just kind of there.
Ronnie: Yeah that sounds like a Muppet. Alright who is Erin’s Muppet to hang out with a weekend?
Lindsey: I’m going with Miss Piggy. They can get dolled up together.
Ronnie: Poor Kermit gets left out.
Lindsey: Kermit the Frog here.
Ronnie: So it is proven again, it is not easy being green. Alright, lets say that um lets talk a little bit about pretend you are looking at the practice five years from now, it is your turn Lindsey. What do you hope is true about the practice five years out?
Lindsey: That we are still caring and compassionate as people think that we are.
Ronnie: Has that been the central theme for what you guys have done from your offset?
Lindsey: Yeah.
Ronnie: Seems like it. It is really impressive. And as you have extended or expanded your building to care for more people, it doesn’t seem like that has been jeopardized.
Lindsey: No I don’t think so.
Ronnie: That’ll be impressive if you continue to maintain that.
Lindsey: I would hope so.
Ronnie: What about for you, five years from now, what do you hope is true about the practice?
Erin: Along with what Lindsey has said, I would hope that our quality of care is still I would say up to where it’s at right now. But we don’t just fly through patients and patients aren’t just numbers to us that we actually know them you know feel comfortable with us. That’s where I hope we will be it’s still It’s not more about the quantity it’s more about the quality for us.
Ronnie: Give yourself as a practice a grade and use pluses and minus so you can use all the way A+, A, A-, B+, all the way down to F, what kind of grade, and obviously you may not be able to be as objective since you are sitting inside the world of the practice daily, but as best as you can be objective, what kind of grade to you give yourself at this point?
Erin: As in…I would say I think we are A-. I think we can still improve in some things so that’s the only reason I put a – in there, I would say an A-.
Ronnie: I think so too. You are very impressive. I get to walk in and out of practices so I can see the compares and the contrasts and you guys are very elite.
Erin: Thank you.
Ronnie: You are genuinely elite. In your minds eye, do you guys build plans so that you try to evaluate what you are doing and also ask are there areas of improvement for improvement and how to you address those? Do you have any kind of action plans that you contemplate and walk into?
Erin: Dr. Bonnett provides a beach trip every year for the staff and the main objective of that is to kind of talk to staff and see what we are doing well what we are not doing well and how we can improve and then of course Me Lindsey and Dr. Bonnett, we meet on a weekly basis to talk about things that we can change as well so, we like to get their opinion, feedback from the staff.
Ronnie: Back to more serious questions. So we are on you now Erin, pretend that you had a cosmic twin, what would her name be?