Ronnie: Okay so why don’t you guys talk about for how long has Erin been working with you in your practice Luke?
Luke: Forever. Seven years?
Erin: (shakes head no)
Luke: Eight years?
Erin: (shakes head no)
Luke: Nine years?
Erin: (shakes head yes)
Luke: Oh my goodness! Its been nine years.
Erin: Nine years.
Luke: Nine years.
Ronnie: Now has your role transitioned at all across that nine year spectrum or has it always been what it is now?
Erin: Yes it has. I just went from a floor nurse to the nurse manager. I am still a nurse on the floor but I handle both spectrums so.
Ronnie: Okay and then you work primarily in Luke’s pod when you are in a pod?
Erin: Uh huh.
Ronnie: Okay now after nine years, it goes without saying that Dr. Bonnett should know you very well working with you on a day-to-day basis?
Erin: He should. Yes.
Ronnie: Should we test his knowledge of you?
Erin: I would love that.
Ronnie: I think that’s fitting.
Luke: Seven years, right?
Ronnie: Seven years, it just feels like nine.
Luke: It feels like nineteen.
Ronnie: Okay so you ready? Lets see how much you know about Erin.
Erin: Oh my.
Ronnie: Okay so what do you predict growing up was Erin’s favorite Saturday morning cartoon?
Luke: Bugs Bunny.
Ronnie: Is he right, wrong, in between, pretty on target?
Erin: Pretty on target. Looney Tunes just all together.
Ronnie: One for one, bing. Okay, what was her favorite cereal as a kid?
Luke: Lucky Charms.
Erin: Yes.
Ronnie: What was Luke’s favorite cartoon growing up?
Erin: (Directed to Dr. Bonnett) Did you watch TV growing up?
Luke: Is that your answer?
Erin: Yes. I have no idea.
Ronnie: That’s your answer? You have to take a stab like with a show.
Erin: With a show. I mean Looney Tunes too or was Looney Tunes back in your day?
Luke: Tom and Jerry.
Erin: There ya go.
Ronnie: That is part of Looney Tunes.
Erin: That is part of Looney Tunes.
Luke: Are you kidding me? Back in my day?
Ronnie: Bugs Bunny was back in my day. Preceded my day. Alright let’s say that Erin were going to sing some karaoke song, what would be some of the candidates, artists or songs?
Luke: Taylor Swift. Probably anything from Taylor Swift.
Erin: (shakes head yes) Yes.
Ronnie: All your girls like Taylor Swift?
Erin: They do. All three of them.
Ronnie: (Directed to Dr. Bonnett) Anybody in your family a big fan?
Luke: They listen to everything but none of them, no.
Erin: He’s the biggest fan.
Luke: I’m the biggest fan.
Ronnie: What do you guys think? You know obviously I’ve gotten to know a lot of your folks through the years and whether it’s the staff who’s been here, the veteran staff let’s call it, like you Erin who’s been here for nine years, your practice has been open for how many years now? Like fourteen?
Luke: Fourteen.
Ronnie: Okay I thought it was fourteen. Almost to the month almost?
Luke: Uh huh.
Ronnie: And then so you have been here for two-thirds of that journey. Some have been here I talked with several here today who have been here approximately five years and some briefer as we know. Regardless of the tenure, why do you think that you guys have been able to build a staff, each of you can speak to this if you would, why have we been able to build a staff that has such warm camaraderie and cohesiveness, what do you think drives that?
Luke: I think I think it stems from we we have a mission, vision, and value statement and that drives who our family is and so people even in the interviewing process understand who we are. Lots of times they’ve heard about us in the community anyway. They know where they’re showing up for the interview, what we already are about, but there’s no surprise about the expectation of even just like I said the family environment, how they not only treat our patients and families who come in, but how they treat each other that work environment that we remind them they are the environment what they do fosters that either contributes to it in a good way or a bad way, it’s up to them. There is a lot of oversight there and even hearing you say that’s what you see and feel is rewarding to me because I know what’s going on behind the scenes. I know the commentations that happen, I know the encouragements that are being made by Erin, by our other management that’s happening that it’s a continual work in progress but that you see the fruits of that is a significant, you know…
Ronnie: I think a lot of people across your community see the fruits of it frankly. What do you have to supplement?
Erin: Ditto.
Ronnie: That’s your supplement?
Erin: Uh huh. Yep. I don’t think I can add much more to that. You know, it’s hard some days to keep up with that but um I do feel like we do a good job at keeping a smile on our faces regardless of you know what may be happening behind the scenes.
Ronnie: Okay, alright. Pretend that you could have the proverbial that you guys could have the proverbial three wishes and let’s say that each of you gets one somebody else randomly gets another what might be if you if you look out I asked a couple of folks earlier think fantasy forward five years and say here’s as I’m standing over the practice kind of looking down on it here are the things that I see, what would one of your deepest wishes be? What’s one of your hopes or dreams or wishes when you when you vevture out half a decade from now?
Erin: I have two. I have two wishes. Can I do two?
Ronnie: You can steal that third one that was offered.
Erin: I mean one obviously…