Ronnie: What is one thing that you didn’t know if it would come together and you have seen God bring it together and you’re ecstatic that in fact it’s a reality in your daily practice
Luke: Um, one thing that is the very obvious seeing is we have been blessed to be in a new building. Seeing where we have started, seeing very humbled beginnings that were a blessing and sufficient for what we were doing. There are many times that I’ve thought this is where I will begin my career and end my career. Um, but just the wanting for something more, for the community, for our staff, for our providers, to have a place of practice that we can be proud of. To see that come to fruition come over the years has been a wonderful thing. Yes its still early on fears and reservations with the finances, you know, staffing the office, issues that we would have had there alot of fear but the Lord blessing us through the years to come to a point to be in a new building and as it has been through the years and every time I think we have the best staff we could have or the best group, somebody will leave, somebody new comes in, the shifting and all that happens, the evident flows of that, it’s like ok it’s the best now that it has ever been. Do we keep taking those steps forward, not fighting ourselves and going back to, I’ll say a negative time, that is a huge thing for me in wanting to see the relationships foster like I said it’s whats happening in the office amongst our staff that to me contributes so much to what the patients are able to experience and they recognize an environment that we are seeking to serve each other to more efficiently serve the people who come here.
Ronnie: Alright, what did we fail to cover?
Luke: Where the Red Fern Grows would be my favorite book. It’s one of the only books I ever read.
Ronnie: Therefore it’s your favorite, it’s your least favorite
Luke: That’s it. That’s the only book I read where I didn’t have to read the cliff notes.
Erin: Very good.
Ronnie: What’s yours?
Erin: What, my favorite book?
Ronnie: Yeah. Then you can say what we should ask.
Erin: It’s Not Supposed to be This Way by Lisa Church. She is fantastic and is my favorite author. But I think you should ask him the cosmic twin thing that we spoke about earlier.
Ronnie: So I posed same questions on purpose to quite a few tandums that were set up and one of the questions that I posed to each of them was pretend that somewhere out there in some unknown galaxy exists this cosmic twin of Luke Bonnett’s, what would that individuals name be and what kind of work would he be engaged in?
Luke: His name?
Ronnie: You want to hear Erin’s before you.
Luke: I think I would.
Erin: Her cosmic twin was named Electra and her profession was she was a dance instructor and had her own dance studio.
Luke: I knew the dance studio but the Electra. That will come up again.
Ronnie: — herself with that one.
Luke: I don’t know about the name, the name. I know that this guys name whoever he is would be doing landscaping. He would be cutting the grass and doing lawn maintenance and — of landscaping.
Ronnie: Gotta have a name for him.
Erin: I was thinking of L names. We gotta stick with the L.
Luke: L name…Larry the Lawn Boy.
Ronnie: You like being outdoors doing stuff, don’t you, with your hands.
Luke: Yes. Electra.
Erin: He asked me that question and I was like, um.
Ronnie: That was a pretty clever response.
Luke: That’s a good one. It’s better than Larry.
Ronnie: You can work on Larry, you got time. Google like male names that start with the letter L.
Erin: Lucious or Lucifer.
Erin: Lorenzo.
Ronnie: Lorenzo the Lawn Boy.