Ronnie: Pretend that you could have the proverbial that you guys could have the three proverbial wishes and lets say that each of you gets one and somebody else randomly gets another what might be if you look out ask a couple of folks earlier think fantasy forward five years and say here as I’m standing over the practice kind of looking down on it here are the things that I see, what would one of your deepest wishes be? What is one of your hopes or dreams or wishes when you venture out half a decade from now?
Erin: I have two, can I do two?
Ronnie: You can steal that third one that was open.
Erin: One obviously you’d would want to make sure we are still following what we how we began you want to make sure we are patient-centered. We are not focusing more so on the numbers rather than the quality of care you want to make sure our patients still know us and we still know our patients. Second wish is I would like a window in my office.
Ronnie: How do you feel about outdoor paintings.
Erin: Well those are nice too.
Luke: A fish aquarium. There are so many aspects but kind of piggyback to what Erin said and what you had just asked about we talked about the moral of the office you would hope that at some point there was the environment that falters itself that you would see the staff getting along and seeing just a work towards unity. Primarily because I’ve said time and time again our office Chapin Pediatrics shouldn’t be defined by this building but by the care given by our providers and by all the other staff who are here. The staff that allow us as providers to do the work we need to do, we can’t do without clinical staff and up front clerical staff. It just, again, the pie in the sky dreaming, would be that that just happens. That people get it, that they understand that when we go by a mission vision and statement this really does work. And it’s an environment that we all like to be in together all day long but the experience that the patient gets, the parent gets, and they are receiving excellent care, they get all the extra ancillary stuff too. And that it can be that way. You know, even as recent as this morning, conversations happen with staff, encouragements about concerns that happened as recent as last week, it’s perpetual. You think at some point would just get easier and better and Lord willing, it will. That would be my dream, my wish.
Ronnie: Alright, if you had to make some estimate, what do you think one of Luke’s favorite books of all time would be?
Erin: Books?
Ronnie: Uh huh.
Erin: I would say the Bible.
Ronnie: Ok. And give me one more.
Erin: Whatever book you were reading a few minutes ago. Honestly I have no idea.
Ronnie: How about for Erin, what do you think among her favorite books would be? Any estimate?
Luke: I have no idea. I know that she reads her Bible she enjoys her quiet times but outside of that other than she does read. I’m slack here because I don’t read. I’ll read the first chapter or two of a book and I’m like yeah lost interest.
Ronnie: So do either of you have a favorite book or character/person in the Bible other than Jesus himself being that either of you haven’t a certain book or person that you are especially fond of, whom you are especially fond of?
Erin: Um, I would say Ester for me just from a woman’s perspective. I mean she is always, it’s a pretty powerful story just studying her through the Bible. I’ve always liked that one for sure.
Ronnie: And what kind of things you hoping that God would do in your for such a time as this world like what do you hope that God has brought you in to for such a time as this? In reference to your family, your personal life, or your work world or whatever?
Erin: Um, I would say right now, um, I just want to be used by Him. Somehow, someway. Whether that be with the staff that I work with every day or whether it be with you know people outside of this office, my family, um and just learning to really trust Him with pretty much everything and not just some things.
Ronnie: How about for you Luke?
Luke: I think Peter. Even being quick to say I’m going to do something or I’m not going to do something, and then he just did it.  Um, sometimes running quickly into things, being quick to go, quick to serve, quick to do, and having to be reminded slow down, think, or guess what, you will still fall short even living in close proximity to Christ that there is that’s who I am, I am a sinner. But Peter has always been one that I thought, yep, that’s me.
Ronnie: How about, alright lets see, lets pretend that there were going to be a movie remake and you were going to get to star as one of the characters in it, what would be the movie remake that Erin should star, should fill a role in?
Luke: You are asking somebody who typically doesn’t watch much tv or movies so. Um lets think of movies that I’ve seen with a female lead role, um, maybe you should be that person in Titanic, Rose maybe, am I right, is that her name?
Erin: Yes. The Titanic.
Luke: I don’t have anything. Lets see.
Ronnie: If you have her blue pendant, the time is now to show it.
Erin: Gah.
Luke: I have no idea.
Ronnie: And then what about Luke? If there were going to be some movie remake, what role should he fill?
Erin: Probably like Star Wars.
Ronnie: Which character? Jar Jar Binks?
Erin: What is his name? It’s Luke right?
Luke: Yeah, of course.
Erin: Of course, yeah. I don’t watch those movies but I know that he does.
Ronnie: You saw the thing we did from the picture he gave me from May 4th Be With You. With him and Betsy?
Erin: Uh huh.
Ronnie: Alright so how about this. When you and Betsy began the practice almost a decade and a half ago, so almost a decade and a half ago you launched your practice. I’m sure you and Betsy had a lot of time praying figuring it all out sorting and sifting how everything was going to go. Don’t worry about braggadocio don’t worry about sounding arrogant or proud or anything like that, but what is one thing that you didn’t  know if it would come together and you have seen God bring it together and you are ecstatic about the fact that it’s a reality in your daily practice?