Mystery Restaurant Gift Certificate UNVEILED!!

Some things you DESPERATELY NEED to know about our MYSTERY RESTAURANT GIFT CERTIFICATE and its winner, Riblet Longshore:

  1. The mystery restaurant is {this is the drum roll portion of this post} … Chapin’s own Higher Ground Char House!!!
  2. If you try their deeee-lish food and terrific atmosphere, you’ll quickly discover the reason they have 4.7, 4.6, and 4.5 star ratings in Facebook, Google Reviews, and Yelp.
  3. Now we are concerned (and feel the need to express that concern here):
    Did Riblet actually predict the Patriots to prevail in Super Bowl LIII? Yes, he did.
    Did he win the above-noted gift certificate? Indeed, he did.
    Did he win said gift certificate despite numerous entrants, many of whom – like Riblet – picked the Pats? Again, yes.
    And now for the BIG question: the Patriots have won six Super Bowls in fewer than twenty years — and are you all going to sit aside and let Riblet become the New England Patriots of our annual Chapin Pediatrics Super Bowl Super Contest????????????
    ***This is the part where you scream things like, “NOOOOOO, we will not stand for it!!” … “We’re not gonna take it!” … and “RISE UP!!”
    So make sure you enter next year’s contest and you, like Riblet, might just emerge as the walking, living, breathing envy of your community, city, and state!!!
    Congratulations, Riblet – and we hope you have a wonderful meal and celebration.