Nothing New Here – Unless You Call Our NEW OFFICE New!!!

We are doing the proverbial BUSTIN’ — that is busting with excitement over all the Lord has done to bring together 723 Chapin Road, the address of our NEW OFFICE!

Things you may enjoy knowing:

  1. Scroll below to see a handful of additional “New Office” photos.
  2. We are seeing patients in this new location today – YAY!!! – June 25th.
  3. We are conducting SIX contests – and the first one is complete: We had MANY people respond with the correct answer and we randomly drew a winner from all the correct responses. Our Contest 1 of 6 winner is Kelly Carter Hardy — congratulations Kelly! Kelly, along with many of you, guessed correctly that the mystery number (Number 723) represented our address on Chapin Road for the new office building.
  4. We will announce soon an Open House date so you can come, visit, and see our new digs … and we can’t wait to see all of you!