After Hours & Weekends

You should always call our main number to reach after hour or weekend help. There are Saturday sick appointments starting at 9:00am until around noon. The appointments are offered at the office of the doctor on call. You will be directed to the correct office when you call for an appointment.

We reserve the right to assign a $25.00 charge for after hours phone calls. We are sure you consider the information you receive after hours to be valuable and worth that expense. Please note that many of your insurance companies provide you with free nursing advice so you may want to call them first. However, if you use our services we will expect you to pay for them.

Next Three Months

July 11- Ballentine Pediatrics

July 18- Chapin Pediatrics

July 25- Ballentine Pediatrics

August 1- Chapin Pediatrics

August 8- Ballentine Pediatrics

August 15- Chapin Pediatrics

August 22- Ballentine Pediatrics

August 29- Chapin Pediatrics

September 5- Ballentine Pediatrics

September 12- Ballentine Pediatrics

September 19 – Chapin Pediatrics

September 26- Ballentine Pediatrics

On Call Colleagues

We share call with Ballentine Pediatrics and we post weekly who is on call.