Open House Invitation – and Contest 6 Winner

TWO Exciting Things to Share:
[1] Please receive our warmest invitation to join in our OPEN HOUSE on Wednesday, September 26th at 5:30 PM. Please come and bring anyone and everyone you wish – EVERYONE is welcome!
***New Address = 723 Chapin Road in Chapin
[2] We have our 6th and final winner of our “Sorta-Kinda-Bucket-List” Contest — congratulations, Misty Bradfield!

If you peek below, you can see a gallery of images of our new office — we hope you enjoy them and we hope to see you on September 26th!

Also, here is a full list of our six contest winners and the rules for the contests:
Contest 1 winner: Kelly Carter Hardy
Contest 2 winner: Kiki Looney Black
Contest 3 winner: Jennifer Birochak
Contest 4 winner: Gena Roton
Contest 5 winner: Shanna Gallman
Contest 6 winner: Misty Bradfield
***Congrats to ALL SIX of you!

Here is a reminder of how each contest worked:
1. We posed a question on our web site and on Facebook.
2. We randomly drew a winner from correct reponses.
3. The prize for EACH of the six contests was a beach bucket filled with a beach towel, sunscreen, and a gift card for area restaurants.
4. And we are always grateful for your warm friendship and for your trust in the way we care for your children — THANK YOU!