Dr. Luke Bonnett:

So when a child is delivered by the OB, all the care is provided for the mother – and the Neonatologist, basically the pediatrician in the hospital, tends to the baby while in the hospital.

Most often a child’s health care needs are met here in the office. Every now and then there are concerns that a child does need to see a specialist and would need a referral. It could be an ear, nose, and throat doctor; it could be a pulmonologist, a cardiologist, etcetera. We view referrals as an extension of us. We do not send our patients to places we would not want our own children to go to. It’s just very important that a parent understands that when a child is going to see one of these specialists, that concern is then managed by them — of course we’re in direct communication with the specialists. Sometimes they call us; otherwise they send us office notes – so there’s no lack of communication in that regard.