Round Two of Exciting News in One Week!

We feel privileged, proud, and honored to announce to you all that, after many, many months of intense work on our part and scrutinizing evaluation by an accreditation agency, our practice has just been recognized as one of South Carolina’s “Patient Centered Medical Homes” (PCMH) by the National Committee for Quality Assurance!

(We know — that sounds like a mouthful, huh??!!?? We’ll try to make sense of it all below!)

This recognition basically points to our deep devotion to ensuring that the quality of care we provide our patients — your kids!! — stands as our number one priority. Not only will the recognition impact our practice and staff in many positive ways, but it will also benefit our patients and broad community in that everyone can feel confident in the ongoing care you’ll receive from our practice. PCMH notes that we stand out in the most critical matters such as our relationships with you, continuity of the care we provide, comprehensiveness of that care, accessibility to us, and quality of our performance.

Pictured receiving our award is Erin Kelly, our clinical nurse manager/PCMH manager. Erin did so much of the heavy lifting (and sweating) to help us be found worthy of such accretidation; so we, Chapin, and communities neighboring us are wonderfully grateful to her for her Hurculean efforts.

Below are some links for more information regarding the program and recognition!
AND if you’d like to pose any questions, offer thoughts, or even congratulate Erin for her fantastic investment, please click to Facebook and fill us in … and, as always, THANK YOU – and thank you for allowing us to serve you!