Ronnie: Chocolate or vanilla?
Courtney and Sam together: Chocolate.
Ronnie: Oh they both get ten points.
Erin: Oh ten.
Ronnie: Our judges love chocolate.
Courtney: All of them.
Ronnie: In fact, give them another extra ten each. It’s 10 points for getting chocolate over vanilla y god it’s 20 points for getting chocolate over vanilla.
Ronnie: Okay, favorite professional athlete of all time?
Courtney: That’s all you, go for it, you football.
Sam: I don’t think I have like a single one. Hmm.
Ronnie: Or any, a favorite.
Ronnie: Aw, this is your chance to capture some points.
Courtney: Like any sport?
Ronnie: Any sport.
Courtney: Phil Michelson.
Ronnie: Alright, we are going to go golf on us.
Courtney: Uh huh.
Ronnie: What do you like about Phil Michelson?
Courtney: I have no idea.
Ronnie: You just know the name?
Courtney: It’s who my Dad went for so that’s who I’m going to go for. I have no idea but he doesn’t even play anymore.
Ronnie: No he does play. I mean your Dad or Phil Michelson?
Erin: He does.
Courtney: Phil. Not often.
Ronnie: He plays.
Erin: He played oh I’m not sure of that thing.
Courtney: Not like he used to.
Ronnie: Alright we are going to give Courtney two points for venturing an arena she is not that familiar with. Sam?
Sam: I can only think of players that I don’t like and that’s horrible. It’s very negative.
Ronnie: Yeah we won’t name any of those. Nobody that’s a positive for you.
Sam: I mean I like some teams, that’s about it.
Ronnie: Okay, no player stands out?
Sam: No
Ronnie: Alright, fair enough. Moving on. Fill in the blank. Four score and —
Sam: Seven years ago?
Ronnie: Oh, Sam gets the points.
Erin: How many?
Ronnie: Three.
Courtney: What? Are you serious?
Sam: It’s something with history.
Ronnie: Do you know who said four score and seven years ago?
Sam: Abraham Lincoln.
Ronnie: Oh my word, two bonus points.
Courtney: I am so proud of you.
Ronnie: Four score and seven years ago. What’s our score? What’s our tally right now, are we cutting it close?
Erin: Lets see. Sam is thirty-eight. Courtney is thirty-nine.
Ronnie: Wow that is close. 38-39. So, back to sports briefly. What is your favorite football, basketball, or baseball team?
Courtney: Clemson.
Ronnie: Clemson Tigers?
Courtney: Uh huh.
Ronnie: Okay.
Sam: I like the Saints.
Ronnie: Okay, New Orlean Saints. You like Drew Breeze?
Sam: Yes, I do like. I could have, yes.
Ronnie: You could have named him earlier but you failed to do so and that milk has expired and so that forth is separated and that nasty stuff on the top. It’s over.
Sam: I know.
Ronnie: Alright, they each get two points.
Erin: Okay.
Ronnie: And your favorite cricket team?
Courtney: Um, pass.
Ronnie: They both get five points for not naming a cricket team. I don’t know any either.
Ronnie: Alright ready? Aaron Hamilton or Aaron, Alexander Hamilton or Aaron Burr? Alexander Hamitlon or Aaron Burr?
Courtney: Alexander Hamilton.
Ronnie: Sam?
Sam: Sure.
Ronnie: Alexander Hamilton is the right one.
Erin: Laughter
Ronnie: Aaron Burr or Raymond Burr?
Courtney: Your turn.
Sam: Raymond.
Ronnie: He is…Courtney?
Courtney: Aaron Burr.
Ronnie: Oh, it’s Raymond Burr. Who was, do you guys know who these people are? You’ve heard of the musical Hamilton, right?
Sam: Oh yeah.
Ronnie: It’s based on the life of Alexander Hamilton. Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, you familiar with him? Familiar with Moana?
Sam/Courtney: Nope.
Sam: Yes.
Ronnie: Moana or the rooster?
Sam: Moana.
Courtney: Do we love the songs? Is that what you’re talking about?
Ronnie: Geez, it’s not a song. Sam just got one point for saying Moana. For Courtney wondering if Moana or the rooster was a song, Sam gets two additional points.
Courtney: The rooster is a song.
Ronnie: History has its eyes on the two of you. That’s a song from Hamilton.
Erin: You are full of it.
Ronnie: And you are both helpless. That’s also a song from Hamilton.
Courtney: Well that’s fitting.
Ronnie: And now in the remaining portion of the contest you both need to take your shot. Also a song from Hamilton. Alright ready. Okay, other than Jesus, who is your favorite person in the Bible?
Sam: Why do you gotta do this?
Courtney: Noah.
Sam: Joseph.
Ronnie: Why Noah?
Courtney: Because he built the ark.
Ronnie: And you’ve always aspired to construct a boat?
Courtney: Yes. He took it upon himself to — sounds like a great thing to do.
Ronnie: Your cosmic twin would be a boat miller. Alright, why Joseph?
Sam: Which Joseph are you referring to?
Ronnie: That’s a fair question.
Sam: I like the one that was uh, his brothers sold him to slavery and became king of something.
Ronnie: Well not king but he was ____, he was elevated.
Sam: Yes and he still loved his brothers.
Ronnie: He did.
Sam: Yes, showed redemption there.
Ronnie: You know what my favorite other than Jesus is Joseph.
Sam: Really? Which Joseph?
Ronnie: The same Joseph.
Sam: Really?
Ronnie: Genesis 37-50. He says what you intended for evil, God intended for good.
Sam: That’s right.
Ronnie: inaudible. It’s pretty impressive. After all that he endured as a result of what they did to him. It’s incredible.
Sam: Uh huh.
Ronnie: And you endure a lot from your co-workers here I assume?
Sam: That’s right.
Erin: inaudible.
Ronnie: You feel like Joseph everyday now in the pit, in the prison forgotten by the butler and the baker.
Erin: Now do they get points for what they just said?
Ronnie: I think they should both get twenty-five points.
Erin: Oh my gosh.
Courtney: Girl you better start counting.
Ronnie: You could do running tallies but…
Erin: counting aloud
Ronnie: Alright, you’ve both seen The Brady Bunch. Who is your favorite character off The Brady Bunch.
Sam: Obviously I don’t know much about The Brady Bunch since I’m Ginger and Maryanne.
Ronnie: Don’t remind us or you might lose points.
Sam: Is there Cindy?
Ronnie: What do you got Courtney?
Courtney: I like the, I don’t remember her name, but she was like the nanny and the cook and all that?
Ronnie: She was the maid.
Courtney: What was her name?
Ronnie: Alice.
Courtney: Alice, yes.
Ronnie: You know what’s weird is I know her real name.
Courtney: Really, what’s her real name?
Ronnie: Ann B. Davis.
Sam: Oh, I’m buzzing. Fifteen minutes.
Ronnie: Oh, we are almost done. So we are just going to end it, hang on, we are going to go with one more question.
Courtney: Do we get points for that?
Ronnie: Yes they get ten points no doubt that’s easily ten points. Cindy and Ann B. Davis, come on.
Ronnie: Alright ready. Pretend that there was a movie made about your life. Who is the person you would want to play you in the movie?