Sorta-Kinda-Bucket-List Contest: NEW BUILDING Contest 2 of 6

Our Contest 1 (of 6 contests) winner was Kelly Carter Hardy — CONGRATS, Kelly. (See Contest 1 details below — AND see several pictures of the first patient seen in the new building.)
***Before you duck out, be sure to take a shot at Contest 2 AND scroll lower on the page to see photos of Dr. Bonnett and Erin Kelly with the first patient seen in our new building!

Ready for CONTEST #2?? Here goes (and we’ll even offer you a clue):

  1. Contest Question: What is the first name of the boy, the first child who received care in our brand new office, who is pictured in Dr. Bonnett’s arms and also pictured (below) with Erin Kelly??
  2. Hint/Clue: Because many will not know the boy, you may struggle to venture a guess — so maybe this clue will help some of you to launch a good guess. Think of the ONE NAME MISSING if you heard someone say, “Johnny, Willie, Kris, and {BLANK}.”
  3. Prize for EACH of the six contests: a beach bucket filled with a beach towel, sunscreen, and a gift card for area restaurants … a photo of the six buckets for the six contests is included among the scrolling image gallery lower on this page.