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Sorta-Kinda-Bucket-List Contest: NEW BUILDING Contest 3 of 6

Contests 1 and 2 (of 6) are now closed – please read below to discover and celebrate our first two winners!
Contest 3 is in full-on Ready-Set-Go mode … so here goes your question:
Why is August 1, 2005, significant in our practice?
>>Get your brains a-churnin’ … your gears a-turnin’ … and your answers a-burnin’!!!!

Contest 1 winner: Kelly Carter Hardy – the numbers “723” represented our new address, 723 Chapin Road.
Contest 2 winner: Kiki Looney Black – the first patient who received care in our new building was indeed cute little WAYLON!
***Congrats to BOTH of you!

Here is how each contest works:
1. We pose a question on our web site and on Facebook.
2. We randomly draw a winner from correct reponses.
3. The prize for EACH of the six contests is a beach bucket filled with a beach towel, sunscreen, and a gift card for area restaurants.
4. And we are always grateful for your warm friendship and for your trust in the way we care for your children — THANK YOU!

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