Sorta-Kinda-Bucket-List Contest: NEW BUILDING Contest 5 of 6

FOUR Contests (1 , 2, 3, and 4 of 6) have now concluded – you can peek below to celebrate our first FOUR winners!
Contest Five Question (with all answers as right answers): What is an episode of heroism that you recall seeing with your own eyes???
***Backdrop to today’s question for Contest #5:
>>Countless ones among us and around the globe are ecstatic about the rescue of the initial eight Thai boys who have found freedom from the water-sogged Tham Luang cave in Thailand’s Chaing Rai region near the borders of both Laos and Myanmar.
>>Our original question for Contest #5 obviously was not the question we are posing in that we could never have anticipated the plight of the boys and their coach – nor that plight met with such absurd heroics by Thai Navy Seal team members, additional Thai nationals, and so many others from numerous supporting countries.
>>Our image today displays the navy and red (along with our white letters) that together comprise the colors of Thailand’s national flag.
>>As many of us watch and pray for successful rescues of the remaining four players and coach (as well as safe exit by ALL the heroic helpers) we thought these breath-taking global-impact moments – with the eyes of the world gazing intently in – might prompt some of you to share some heroic tale of some heroic person(s) you personally witnessed in your own lifetime doing some seemingly other-worldly act of heroism. From all of this emerges our Contest #5 question — and we’ll all love hearing your unique stories.

Contest 1 winner: Kelly Carter Hardy – the numbers “723” represented our new address, 723 Chapin Road.
Contest 2 winner: Kiki Looney Black – the first patient who received care in our new building was indeed cute little WAYLON!
Contest 3 winner: Jennifer Birochak – August 1, 2005, marked the very first day of practice in the history of Chapin Pediatrics.
Contest 4 winner: Gena Roton was our randomly drawn winner and we LOVED hearing ALL of your terrific July 4th memories!
***Congrats to ALL FOUR of you!

Here is a reminder of how each contest works:
1. We pose a question on our web site and on Facebook.
2. We randomly draw a winner from correct reponses.
3. The prize for EACH of the six contests is a beach bucket filled with a beach towel, sunscreen, and a gift card for area restaurants.
4. And we are always grateful for your warm friendship and for your trust in the way we care for your children — THANK YOU!