Sorta-Kinda-Bucket-List Contest: NEW BUILDING Contest 6 of 6

Today marks our SIXTH and final contest of our Summer Contest Series — congratulations to Shanna Gallman, our fifth contest winner! (You can read below for our list of five winners to date — and YOU just might be the sixth celebratory champ!!)

Contest 6 Question: With us approaching our 13th Anniversary in early August (and pondering things we hope will unfurl in the next thirteen years of our pediatrics practice) WHAT ARE SOME THINGS YOU HOPE, DREAM, AND PRAY TO SEE TAKE SHAPE IN YOUR CHILD(REN) ACROSS THE NEXT 13 YEARS?? Whether values, accomplishments, developments, or whatever, what are you hoping to witness in your kid(s) thirteen years from today?

Contest 1 winner: Kelly Carter Hardy
Contest 2 winner: Kiki Looney Black
Contest 3 winner: Jennifer Birochak
Contest 4 winner: Gena Roton
Contest 5 winner: Shanna Gallman
***Congrats to ALL FIVE of you!

Here is a reminder of how each contest works:
1. We pose a question on our web site and on Facebook.
2. We randomly draw a winner from correct reponses.
3. The prize for EACH of the six contests is a beach bucket filled with a beach towel, sunscreen, and a gift card for area restaurants.
4. And we are always grateful for your warm friendship and for your trust in the way we care for your children — THANK YOU!