Star Wars May the Fourth Be With You Prize – Winner Announced Soon!

As many of you know, we recently ran a special Star Wars contest … and the responses were so cute and clever that we upped the ante on the prize!!!!

We figured that, if you all were going to up your games, we’d better up ours! So … instead of a $50 gift certificate, we jacked the prize to a Star Wars Contest Winner Basket — it includes a $100 Regal Movie Gift Card and lots of delicious candies. THE WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED MONDAY.

And you can take a peek at the responses to our “May the Fourth Star Wars” contest at one of the three following Facebook post links:

  1. The initial post is here:
  2.  You can locate the second post here:
  3. The third post (with a couple of interesting characters!!!) can be found here: