Trivia Contest Night Posts A-Z

As you scroll, you’ll discover images for and links to posts related to the upcoming October 8th Trivia Contest night — PLEASE COME AND BE A PART OF THE FUN!!!

The first post – announcing the Oct 8th Trivia Contest

Our second post alerted you that, among the trivia categories, would be Disney questions.

A third post pointed to a College Football category of questions we’ll include on Oct. 8th.

We let you know that a couple of the videos we recently posted would help you with at least a couple of the 24 trivia questions we’ll ask!

We then posted to show you an image of the score sheet you’ll use the night of the contest. You’ll receive one the night of the 8th.

You’ll get the chance to showcase your music knowledge – and we created an image to let you know in the sixth post.

A seventh post offered you a reminder picture of the five categories for our questions – and our Chapin Pediatrics questions will let you guess WHACKY FACTS about various ones of our staff members!

We showed you a few of the early signer-uppers!! Others have since told us they’re fielding teams — you should too!!
And you do NOT need to tell us in advance – JUST SHOW UP, EAT, COMPETE, AND HAVE A BALL.

We devoted the next post to answering the docket of questions people posed about the Trivia Contest … if any of you have questions, you may post them there.

Our tenth post – from yesterday – afforded you a few little hints and clues to several questions. We hope to see you with us Tuesday evening!!