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Erin Kelly – Chapin’s Team Approach

That’s just kind of how we’re all wired. We’re just family, it’s like a family here.

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Dr. Luke Bonnett on Partnering with other Practitioners

Most often a child’s health care needs are met here in the office. Every now and then there are concerns that a child does need to see a specialist and would need a referral.

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Chapin Pediatrics Staffers Discuss Our “Coming Soon” New Office Building – Opens JUNE 25th!!

Watch and listen as Chapin Pediatrics staffers express their enthusiasm for the new building (OPENS JUNE 25th!!!) — and watch to the end to see some cute and clever outtakes!!!

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End of Day Reflections

at the end of the day “Did I make a difference?” and hopefully that was a positive difference in the child’s life.

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Dr. Luke Bonnett Discusses How They Handle Challenges

So our day to day lives as pediatricians we handle our common diagnosis but every now and then something does come in that tightens you up a little bit.

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