Our Beloved Community in the Middle of an International Challenge

The posts on this page appear in reverse chronological order (that is, the newest content is atop and the oldest at page bottom). We hope you’ll enjoy reading some of the content, contests, fun, and kind doings we unfurl on this page and Facebook to highlight some of the great people and businesses around our beautiful community.

Leading into Easter, Dr. Bonnett appealed to us all to invest special time in our children, all the more given current global challenge and resulting changes.

I encourage you to invest some time in your children today/ this weekend and teach them the true meaning of Easter. Typically there is much excitement with egg hunting, bunnies, and pretty dresses. There is not so much of that this year. Nevertheless, those things are fun but they all fade away. Please be encouraged to share with them the only thing that lasts forever, an understanding of the truth of God’s Word, especially what was revealed to us through Jesus Christ. Hang in there y’all, Sunday is coming.

So many across our community are making unbridled sacrifice and expressing care in remarkable ways; Crystal Hewitt is one among the many.

A tremendous thank you to the Crystal Hewitt Hewitt Foundation for the treats delivered today. Most importantly thank you for the words of encouragement and pointing our office to Christ. These are difficult days but the overwhelming feeling of encouragement and love keeps us going.

Tony and his gang at Roma’s House of Pizza have continued to provide delicious food; therefore, Dr. Bonnett thought they, too, would be a terrific contest candidate.

While we are at it let’s do a $100 gift certificate to one of our family favorites, Roma’s in Prosperity. Tony and his team are open and ready to serve you their delicious pizza and numerous menu options. Comment with your favorite comfort food(meal, snack, or candy)


Hamm Hardware and Building Supplies has served Prosperity and the surrounding areas so faithfully – and so Dr. Bonnett did a contest in their honor!

Next up giveaway… we know y’all are getting lots of projects done so we figured another hardware store would be appropriate. This $100 gift certificate is for Hamm Hardware in Prosperity. Comment with what you finally got around to doing last week for a chance to win.


Dr. Bonnett penned a quick THANK YOU message to Mac and Apple expert David Wegener who provided generous face shield protection for us!

Thank you soooooo much David Wegener for your generosity in protecting us with the face shields. If anyone out there ever has a Mac or Apple need you should check them out. They are the best!


Dr. Bonnett posted an enter-to-win contest, a gift card to use with the great folks at The Coffee Shelf.

Anybody reading any good books lately? Comment to enter to win a $100 gift card to The Coffee Shelf.

We LOVE celebrating all of our beloved businesses in the area – and the people who make them all happen! Zesto in Chapin is one such business; whether you visit for the cold of their delicious ice cream treats or for the warmth of their great food and serving hearts, you’ll enjoy every trip there.

If you have a FAVORITE delicious Zesto food or dessert —- or a positive reflection on any experience that you, family, or friends have had with Rhonda, Bekah, Carly, Jesse, and the amazing gang who serve us so wonderfully at Zesto in Chapin, would you share so the Zesto peeps can see, read, and bask in your warm words????.

You’ve seen us offering mini-shout-outs to some of our beloved local area businesses and the wonderful people who own and operate them — and WE’LL KEEP DOING SO!!!

When we held our last trivia event in January, Rhonda and the Zesto folks gave us so many giveaways for the community that we could barely fit them on the giveaway table!!!!! That’s the kind of people they are … and we hope you can take a sec or two to share your take on them as well.

MUCH LOVE and MUCH BLESSING to all – and look in the first comment to this post … we’ll place KEY LINKS for you there!!!

Dr. Luke Bonnett posted an opportunity to win a Boland’s Gift Card – here’s the content you can locate on our Facebook page:

Some of you have finally gotten around to starting those projects you have been wanting to do for a long time. Comment on what you have been working on to enter to win a $100 Bolands ACE Hardware gift card.

Did you yet read the responses to the Facebook post that availed a chance to win an Aquarius Spa Gift Card?? Here’s the text from the post and a link to it:

With all this craziness, what are you doing to relax? Comment to enter to win a $100 gift certificate to Aquarius Spa.

We posted an opportunity to win a Higher Ground Gift Card – here’s that content from our Facebook page:

Tell us how you have been/are being purposed to support your local small businesses. Your comment will enter you in a $100 Higher Ground giveaway.