This month’s Train up a Child post comes from Jason Brewer, father of four daughters.


“Bad guys get the voice of a villain. Turtles talk slow and rabbits talk fast. But the hero -always- gets your natural voice. These great lessons I learned from none other than children’s audio storyteller and author, Jim Weiss.


My children are always quick to share what fond memories they have of our story time. I would find great stories then bring them to life by voicing the characters. This made it more interesting for me and engaging for the children.


Did you know, in The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, Pinocchio is thrown into the sea and eaten by fishes? And in The Fox and The Hound by Daniel P. Mannix, the little foxes disobey their parents by stealing chickens, resulting in their whole family being hunted down.


Reading stories is an opportunity to share life lessons and engage in discussions of right and wrong, choices and consequences, and how our decisions affect the people around us. They bring us together as a family and strengthen our foundation.

Could you use a life hack on how to make your children hang on your every word? Read them stories, and be the hero.”